Friday, March 11, 2011

Sunshine Burgers

I've been avoiding all pre-packaged foods like frozen veggie burgers as part of this diet because they usually contain some kind of processed soy protein, sugar, egg ingredient, flour, or what-have-you. I rarely ever bought pre-made veggie burgers in the first place because I prefer making my own, but I usually use bread crumbs in the recipe and my food takes enough effort to prepare already without me making veggie burgers. I'm really glad I checked out the ingredients on Sunshine burgers though, because they seem great for this diet. They do have some brown rice in them, but should be fine to have if you're not still at the very first stage of the diet. I'm still not really even sure if brown rice shouldn't be included in small amounts in the early stages of the diet, but I've been staying away from it just to be safe.

In any case, here are the ingredients for the Southwestern flavor as listed: organic ground raw sunflower seeds, organic brown rice, organic carrots, organic black beans, organic bell peppers, organic cilantro, organic jalapeƱo peppers, organic ground cumin seeds, organic onion and sea salt.

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  1. Looks good except I read in a note from a naturalpath that carrots are rather sweet and should be avoided...