Monday, March 21, 2011

Bastardized Raw Cinnamon Rolls

Since I've been making my own almond milk, I've got a lot of the leftover pulp sitting around waiting to be used up. Today I decided to try making these raw cinnamon rolls, even though they're supposed to contain dates and raisins, which I can't have. I had a bunch of almond pulp, ground flax seeds and dates sitting around waiting to be used, so I made the recipe as indicated, using the dates, for my roommate to try out. Before adding the dates, though, I removed a some of the "batter" to make my own mini roll, which I filled and iced with almond butter instead of the date and cashew mixtures. I used a little bit of xylitol as a sweetener, and I'm sure stevia would work just as well if that's what you prefer to use. The result was nothing to write home about, but it took care of my cinnamon craving and helped me pack in a healthy dose of flaxseeds and almonds. Plus, it was just nice to have something new, since I've been getting a bit tired of my old standbys.


  1. Those sound good! I'm thinking I will be starting up a raw day a week again now that the winter is starting to ease up..

    re Almond Pate, the olives do add a very specific taste that makes it taste more like a tangy cheese, but it will still be good without it. You might just add a bit more sauerkraut or some miso if you can have that.. and fresh basil, parlsley or other herbs!


  2. I've recently been attacked with recurrent yeast infections and, as a long-term vegan, am finding your website a valuable resource.

    Thanks for the recipes and hope to see more!

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