Friday, March 11, 2011

Dahl with Greens and Quinoa

The other day I made a batch of this dahl from the Melomeals blog, with yellow split peas and the collard greens I've been trying to use up for what seems like forever. I didn't have all the spices on hand, and those I did have were pre-ground, but it still tasted awesome. I ate it over quinoa instead of rice, and it provided me with a good number of meals for the week. A great way to get in more garlic, ginger and greens. Next I'm going to try something along the lines of this lentil dish made with spinach from I know that yellow split peas are a bit starchier than other legumes, so perhaps people concerned about that might do better using lentils or perhaps green split peas instead.

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  1. That you for the link :-)! I do a dal with red lentils and spinach that is great. Usual dal ingredients just using red lentils and spinach instead.