Friday, January 21, 2011

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Settling into the realization that I will be eating lots and lots of cold salads in the weeks to come, I decided to make a large batch of tabbouleh, substituting the traditional bulgur with candida-diet-safe quinoa. This will be my lunch along with a large helping of steamed broccoli.

As with my amaranth, I decided to cook up a large batch of quinoa so that I will be able to assemble various dishes quickly and easily. I took about two cups of cooked quinoa and placed it in a bowl, adding half a diced onion, two large crushed cloves of garlic, three extremely generous handfuls of parlsey (chopped), the juice of one lemon, and a generous drizzle of hempseed oil. Olive oil is the more traditional choice for this salad, but I am trying to mix up my oils a bit. Normally I would add a handful of chopped mint, but as I did not have any I decided to go for some dill. I mixed this all together and put it in the fridge for later snacking. The last ingredient I did not add is chopped fresh tomatoes, which I prefer to add just before eating so that they are fresh. Other things that can be added to this salad (and should, I just didn't have them on hand) are diced cucumber, scallions, and chickpeas. Diced up avocado is also a nice addition.

I got the idea to make quinoa tabbouleh from this blog, which is one of my favorite vegan blogs. She has several other salads on her site that I intend to try, although I tend to leave out the fat free aspect and pour on the oils.

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